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Bellagio Gunman Arrested After Splashing Cash on Hookers

Scott Alan Carmitchel, the suspect in a Bellagio robbery, was arrested this week during the Hard Rock Hotel after a designer shopping spree. The suspect was uncooperative and refused to seem in court of their own volition. (Image:

Bellagio armed robbery suspect Scott Alan Carmitchel was arrested by Las Vegas police this week at the Hard Rock resort and charged with battery pack, grand larceny, burglary, and robbery by having a weapon that is deadly.

Carmitchel, 34, who lives in Kansas, possesses long criminal record, is accused of entering the Bellagio casino in the evening of Friday, July 25 and robbing a cashier at gunpoint, before making off with $43,000. The cashier told police she feared on her life.

Legislation enforcement officers were led to a room at the Hard Rock after a tip-off from a tourist who became dubious of a guy who paid him $300 to lease a $405 room at the hotel. The suspect initially told officers his name was Scott Rice and claimed he had found a black colored bag full of cash within the Bellagio parking lot, with identification although he was unable to provide them.

He later on acknowledged it was his image on Bellagio surveillance footage, but denied any familiarity with the crime, claiming he had visited the casino that night, but had no memory of what had taken spot.

Shopping Spree

On searching the room, police found $10,000 in cash and a BB gun matching the description as Continue reading

UK Health Survey Shows Young Males Most at Risk for Problem Gambling

While many Brits don’t consider buying a lottery ticket to be ‘gambling,’ well over 60 per cent have participated (Image: BBC)

One in 20 British males involving the ages of 16 to 24 could be classified as either a moderate risk or a problem gambler, showing that teenage boys are particularly vulnerable to gambling addiction issues, according to the British’s Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

Brits Like to Gamble

The findings of the recent study from the organization undertaken as an element of a national public health study by the HSCIC summarized gambling as a ‘majority’ pursuit in the uk and showed that 68 % of men and 61 percent of women had gambled one or more times in the last 12 months.

In the whole, the findings demonstrate that those almost certainly to have little gamble right here and there are those aged between 24 and 75 years of age.

But, the research also shows that certain in six teenage boys in the UK population reported at least one of issue gambling last year, and more than one in ten males from the youngest age bracket said they might chase their losses through wagering more cash.

‘The increased levels of gambling engagement among young guys shows them as a group that is particular are at risk of experiencing of gambling-related harm,’ noted the report.

Of these involved, a further one in 20 admitted feelings of guilt about their gambling habits, and many even said Continue reading