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How to make a pool at a polycarbonate greenhouse

The outdoor pool is a great spot to unwind. But with the onset of cold weather, the bathing season finishes. Another disadvantage of an outside swimming pool is that the rapid clogging with dust, leaves and other debris. Should you construct a pool in a greenhouse in your dacha, the closed bowl will be protected from the harmful effects of the natural surroundings, and the bathing season can be extended till the onset of frost.

Types of greenhouses for a Pool

Traditionally arrange on a backyard plot pool at a polycarbonate greenhouse, but the definition of the kind of construction isn’t confined to the choice of covering substance. From the large quantity of evaporation inside the building is constantly maintained high levels of humidity. Not every material will be acceptable for the frame of the greenhouse. Wood will rust quickly, and black metal is going to be destroyed by corrosion.

The upcoming important choice is the contour. Besides aesthetics, the rainwater for the pool has to have the ability to withstand wind loads and a large amount of precipitation.

A beautiful and durable pool in the greenhouse at the cabin will Find the following forms:

Semicircular roof design is not hard to create, as polycarbonate isn’t hard to bend. The arch is resistant to strong gusts of wind. Greenhouses of the form are built over fonts that are round. The plan is difficult to create and spends a great deal of stuff.

  • One or two slopes. The simplest variant of a greenhouse for a font with horizontal walls is simple to erect. However, the polycarbonate construction is stable, afraid of strong winds and heavy precipitation. A variant with one slope isn’t suitable for snowy regions. Normally such greenhouses for swimming pools consist of a horizontal wall, passing into a large semicircle. The construction of polycarbonate is difficult to make and demands proper positioning relative to the frequent wind direction.
  • Deciding on the shape of a polycarbonate shelter depends on the size of this pool, in addition to how many men and women are depended on the resting area.

    According to the dimensions of the greenhouse comes in:

    • Low. The polycarbonate construction is designed only to protect the water out of clogging, behaving as a cover. Over a little pool more often put hinged tops, and massive fonts are equipped with a sliding system.
    • High. Looking at photographs of the pool in a polycarbonate greenhouse, you can confidently call the arrangement a real place of rest. Inside below a transparent dome have a folding furniture, plant ornamental greenery, spend heating.

    Covered with polycarbonate high greenhouses outfitted with wide doors. Do doorways make sliding, with the top elevator or hinged.Benefits of indoor pools

    Pool with a cover of polycarbonate has many benefits:

    • Polycarbonate and metal profile for the framework are regarded as an environmentally friendly substance. No chemical aromas will collect within the greenhouse from heating the structure under sunlight.
    • Polycarbonate cover to the pool is durable and lightweight. If necessary it can be moved to another place.
    • Polycarbonate is resistant to harsh weather conditions.
    • Inside the greenhouse that a greenhouse effect is created. It lowers the high level of water evaporation from the pool, lessens the risk of reproduction of damaging microflora. The pool beneath the polycarbonate dome is protected from debris clogging
    • Lightweight substances are convenient for self sustaining erection of their shelter.
    • Polycarbonate pavilion has great light permeability. The material is affordable and can last up to 10 decades.
    • The pool under the shelter will always be clean. No rust will crumble from the stainless profile, and filthy polycarbonate could be easily wiped off with a rag.

    Of the downsides, there is 1 point. Polycarbonate is fearful of strong mechanical consequences. To ensure that the shelter isn’t damaged by falling branches, the pool isn’t put under trees.

    Important: To pavilion to your pool for a long time to function, to pay use polycarbonate sheets of thickness less than 8 mm.

    Selecting the Sort of fonts and setup methods

    If we briefly think about how to produce a pool in a greenhouse from polycarbonate, the job begins with the choice of size. The fonts must be enough for all members of the family to visit at the same moment. According to the sort of installment of the bowls have been buried, partly embedded or set up on the surface. The latter kind may include a frame swimming at a greenhouse of polycarbonate or a tiny inflatable bowl. The most dependable is considered a fully buried font. From the dacha you can make a bowl under a dome of two two kinds:

    A reinforced concrete ribbon is poured directly within the pit. At the bottom of the pit, a cushion of sand with crushed stone is poured and a reinforcing mesh is laid. To begin with, the bottom of the bowl has been poured from the mortar. After the concrete hardens, set the formwork for the pouring of their walls. The final bowl is covered with primer onto the exterior and tiled, painted or otherwise finished indoors.