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Soundproofing the wall with their own hands

In apartment buildings, solid insulation has always been low, regardless of what substance the partitions are made of. On your apartment, you also can listen to your neighbors not only throughout the walls, but also above and under the floor. Improve the noise insulation of the premises can be their own forces, there is not anything difficult, you just need to pick the right materials. We advise you to learn about the soundproofing of those walls at the flat with modern materials. How to properly make sound insulation

Audio is well consumed by multi-layer structures, which means you’re able to use the usual modern materials for insulation. This, clearly, will take a little of the useful field of the room, but it is going to keep your house from extraneous sounds.

Audio is well consumed by jelqing constructions, so you can use conventional modern materials for soundproofing

Ways to organize Extra soundproofing:

  • With the Assistance of plaster.
  • With the help of plasterboard.
  • With the assistance of specific soundproofing boards.

Sound insulating material with plaster is appropriate in panel homes, where noise permeates throughout the cracks and pores in the concrete slabs. A fantastic layer of plaster may considerably reduce noise penetration from the surface. And absolutely even walls enable you to decorate them using any contemporary material, be it paint or wallpaper.

Soundproofing using gypsum plasterboard is the paneling of the walls. To begin with, a frame made of wood is constructed along with soundproofing material, which absorbs sound, is put there. You should know that only porous and fibrous materials absorb sound. Fiberglass is ideal to this function. It’s sold in a roll, has a certain thickness, which must be taken into account in the building of the frame.

Soundproofing using gypsum board is a liner of the walls. To begin with, a framework made from wood is constructed and soundproofing material is put there, which absorbs sound. First, you should know that only fibrous and porous materials

Provide maximum result organization of further air coating, and to do this, the depth of the laths for the frame should be greater than the soundproofing material. After organizing the framework and laying there material that absorbs sounds, niches can be caulked with gypsum board. There’s not anything hard about coordinating these soundproofing.